ISAP 2013

In the tradition of Istrian cuisine Prosciutto is the pinnacle and the standard for everything that is good, for all sins of the palate. Prosciutto is perceived and recognized as the supreme beauty; Istrian people call it – vijulin, which means ‘violin’. It certainly does deserve such regal status due to its taste, aroma, colour, perfect tenderness i.e. freshness, and even though these elements are only recognizable by very refined palates, the real gourmets are always able to appreciate them. Its quality is determined by its sweetness, tender texture and flavour. What are the secrets of this delicacy? The skill, the care and the patience of manufacturers, but also the weather conditions…
It is in its honour that the Municipality of Tinjan organizes the traditional International Prosciutto Fair – ISAP.

ISAP is held every year in October in Tinjan, small Istrian place in central Istria, Croatia.

Fair is assembling around 30 prosciutto producers from various European countries – Portugal, Spain, Italy, Slovenia, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, France and of course Croatia. Through the two days, in which ISAP is open for visitors, Tinjan is visited by the 2.500 lovers of this delicacy.

Back in 2006. the Municipality of Tinjan has rightly proclaimed The county of Istrian prosciutto, and all that thanks to the top-quality products of it’s Prosciutto makers, which that relatively small area counts exactly five.

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