Invitation for participation in ISAP 2017

Published on 21.08.2015, in Nekategorizirano.

International prosciutto fair in Tinjan is recognizable event which has grown into a our region’s tradition and which is 9th time in a row is organised by Municipality of Tinjan (in 2006. declared as “Municipality of Istrian prosciutto”) in collaboration with Association of Istrian prosciutto producers and Region of Istra.

This year’s “ISAP 2017 – International prosciutto fair” will be held from 14 – 17 October, with Opening ceremony of the fair at 11AM, 17th October 2017. (Saturday) at Tinjan.

Fair is assembling prosciutto producers from various European countries. Through the two days, in which ISAP is open for visitors, Tinjan is visited by the 25.000 lovers of this delicacy.

Considering those things, there is visible an exceptional contribution of ISAP for affirmation and promotion of Croatia as a destination of top native delicacies on the international stage.

For all the foregoing, it is evident that organization of such event requires much effort and time, therefore please let us know whether you want to participate this year at the International prosciutto Fair – ISAP 2017.

For further information please contact:
Tel: +385 52 626 290
Fax: +385 52 626 090

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